We look forward to welcoming you on Wednesday 28 June at the Better Together conference in The Hague.

As the name suggests, the aim of the conference is to work together to realise one clear mission: Accessible information for everyone. We are eager to exchange ideas about new forms of collaboration that will enable us to generate practical solutions to help anyone who is blind or with a visual impairment take fuller control of their own life.

Maarten Verboom | CEO Dedicon 

Maarten Verboom

Inge de Mönnink | Manager Educational Services and Strategical Innovation

Inge de Mönnink

Richard Schoonderwoerd | Manager Strategical Information Technology

Richard Schoonderwoerd

Koen Krikhaar | Senior Account Specialist for Accessible Library Services

Koen Krikhaar

Edmar Schut | Technology Architect

Edmar Schut

Dorine in 't Veld | Productmanager Dedicon Educational

Dorine in 't Veld

Bart Vroom | Communications Manager

Bart Vroom