Tactile vision with Elevated Printing

There is a whole world between being able to see every detail and being blind. There is also a whole world between a printed document and braille. Educational books are full of illustrations, schemes and graphs that really support the understanding of the matter. How to visualize these complex illustrations for visually impaired people?

This can be done by using the patented Elevated Printing technology from Océ, supported by the in-depth knowledge from Dedicon about how visually impaired people can ‘read’ with their finger tips. Applications are developed that help visually impaired people to better understand education books, to better find their way in a crowded railway station and they even help to let people enjoy fine art by being able to touch the very detailed brush strokes on a reproduced oil painting.

Stephan Koopman

Stephan Koopman is leading Project EIGER, an internal startup, at Océ – A Canon Company. The charter of this startup is to find and validate applications for the highly innovative Elevated Printing technology. Stephan started his career in the printing industry at the research department of Océ. In the past 25+ years he has worked in Marketing, Business Development and Portfolio management. He is a business oriented person with a passion for innovation. His approach is to make complex matters comprehensive using the combination of his technical background, commercial experience and communication skills. In his spare time he loves to play golf, listen to music and play ‘campfire level guitar’.