Marianne van der Meulen & Karel Raven

On behalf of Solutions Radio, Marianne van der Meulen and Karel Raven join our panel discussion: what does the future hold for assistive technology?

As technological as we like to think of ourselves in the Western world, it is not automatic that everyone is technologically schooled and is able to deal with what the internet world offers. Solutions Radio offers a comprehensive and easy to operate solution to access content, but without a computer. We have developed an on-line player that is capable of reading out the content of websites. With this simple to operate device information can also be found on demand. For instance one can search in Wikipedia or the telephone guide. On-line text documents can be converted into audible information.

The Webbox is a stand-alone, inter-active, multi-media streaming device, serving its purpose today, making on-line content available in a spoken form. Every single day new content is being added and made available to the user, thanks to content providers such as Dedicon, TV stations, libraries for the blind, publishers of newspapers and magazines and the co-operation of those organisations who wish to keep their members informed of the latest developments.

The team behind Solutions Radio has many years of experience in the audio-, broadcast and telecommunications market. Managing director and founder Marianne van der Meulen is responsible for Marketing, HR and administration. Managing director and founder Karel Raven is responsible for sales and marketing (Europe), project management and technology.