Sensors are changing our daily lives - what can we expect in the next couple of years

There is a good chance you walked past ten or more sensors before you have your morning coffee at work without even realising it.

Wifi, GPS, beacons, infrared, bluetooth, magnetic fingerprinting, compass, and many more sensors are designed to improve our daily lives. In his presentation Remco will talk about what the future with sensors will look like and what impact it will have on us, both good and bad.

Remco Bron
Remco Bron is founder and CCO of inBeacon, the leading and award winning sensor platform in Europe. He has a broad international background in internet trends and currently works in innovative projects with companies like Coca-Cola, Heineken, TNS-NIPO, IKEA, Schiphol and many others. In is spare time he is part of the advisory board of Dedicon.