Roadmap to accessibility: instructions for use

How to implement ‘born accessible content’ workflows and how to manage the cooperation between publishers and specialist organizations? Which steps does an organization have to follow in order to commit itself to make its digital publications accessible?

This networking table will guide the participants through the roadmap which leads to accessibility, by explaining the ‘Born Accessible’ approach and by discussing the step-by-step actions to implement it in order to fully embrace accessibility and to customize them in accordance to existing workflows, staff size, number of books, complexity of books, and technological expertise.

Cristina Mussinelli

Cristina Mussinelli is the Secretary General of the LIA Foundation, a non-profit organization, aiming to engage in activities to promote books and reading, in all its forms, both traditional and digital, through education, information, awareness and research in the area of accessibility. LIA promotes reading among blind and partially sighted readers through initiatives to expand their access to publishing products via research and technological innovation. Cristina works in the publishing sector since 1982 and since 1992 she has been involved in the digital and multimedia market. Since 1988 Cristina has been responsible for the technological innovation and digital publishing areas within the Italian Publishers Association (AIE), where she manages European and international projects, the digital publishing professional training course program, the Editech conference and the Permanent Observatory on Digital Content. Cristina is co-chair of the W3C Publishing Business Group Steering Committee and Board member of the European Digital Reading Lab.