Network tables

In order to encourage and facilitate interaction on concrete topics, we are organising several network tables. Each table is chaired by an expert from the sector, who is keen to share their ideas with you and hear your thoughts on how to increase innovation and cooperation. Each table will have its own topic for discussion in a selected group of fellow specialists from our sector.
If you have subscribed to the conference, you will receive an email with an invitation to sign up for the networktables. Each participant may sign up to two tables. Places per table are limited and will be allocated to ensure a mix of expertise, to guarantee a lively and productive discussion.
For the remaining tracks (Together Today and Together Tomorrow), you do not have to subscribe in advance separately. As a conference participant, you can choose which speaker to join on the day of the conference.
Moderator: Koen Krikhaar, Senior Account Specialist for Accessible Library Services Dedicon.