General information

At Dedicon, we passionately believe that open dialogue is the key. It will lead to new forms of collaboration that will enable us to generate practical solutions to help anyone who is blind or with a visual impairment take fuller control of their own life. Irrespective of their age or background.

Working together on a single mission

Accessible information is key. Especially in a society increasingly dominated by a visual culture. Our ambition is to make this information available by giving everyone with low vision access to images, text and sound. Because access to information is the passport to fuller participation in society and equal opportunities.

Better Together

If specialists and experts tap into their combined potential, they can produce something that's greater than the sum of the parts. This is Dedicon's inspiration and goal for the Better Together Conference. And this combined approach is great news for people with low vision. Better Together is being organised by Dedicon in close cooperation with the international Daisy Consortium.

28th June 2017 The Hague

Better Together is being held Wednesday 28th June 2017 in The Hague, the Netherlands. Better Together is part of Vision 2017, the 12th International Conference by the International Society for Low Vision Research and Rehabilitation (ISLRR), that takes place from the 25th - 29th June.

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