Full participation in society for everyone. Access to all the information you need or want. Anything. Any time. Anywhere. This is our mission. And this is our inspiration for organising the Better Together Conference. Our team looks forward to welcoming you on 28 June 2017 in The Hague.

About Dedicon

The world of information is expanding at an ever-faster rate. Not only digital texts, but also pictures, maps and illustrations are playing an increasingly important role in communication and learning. In order to function as part of today’s society, you need to have access to these sources and to be able to find your way around this web of information. Accessible solutions are essential for people who are print disabled. Dedicon develops and provides products and services that facilitate access to reading materials and information for people who are visually impaired, or have dyslexia or other print disabilities.

Accessible reading materials

Dedicon is funded by the Dutch government and constantly improving its range of innovative products and services. Dedicon is the largest producer of accessible reading materials in the Netherlands:

  • Daisy audio, braille, digital and hybrid books, large print and tactile materials
  • Novels, school materials, newspapers and magazines, sheet music, drawings, illustrations and maps