Daniel Ainasoja

On behalf of Pratsam, Daniel Ainasoja joins our panel discussion: what does the future hold for assistive technology?

Daniel Ainasoja has managed several development projects in Finland for over 14 years, helping the visually impaired and print disabled access books and newspapers via the Internet in a convenient way. Several successful software and hardware systems have been developed, to find new ways to produce, distribute and consume digital publications as the print disabled end user prefers. Over 1 million publications have been distributed online with these systems to date, enabling over 10.000 users to listen to news and books with customized devices and apps.

Today Daniel works as an International Sales Manager at Pratsam, a software company providing the national special library Celia in Finland with an online distribution system, providing patrons with over 40.000 DAISY-books online. Daniel is also the CEO of the nonprofit organization Kolibre, developing open source software supporting DAISY and DAISY Online, and the CEO of the Association of Swedish Talking Newspapers in Finland, producing daily newspapers in DAISY and distributing online. New development projects are focused on producing talking newspapers in DAISY from newspaper publishers websites, updated several times a day, which can replace costly manual editing of content to make it accessible and provide the print disabled end user with the latest news.