Born Accessibility Content Checker

A new project in order to support inclusive publishing in Germany.

The new DZB project BACC (Born Accessible Content Checker) is designed to support German publishers in the process of making their digital books available in a format suitable for blind and visually impaired persons in Germany. 

The goals of the project are: 

  1. Developing a web based service which checks publishers’ e-books according to the EPUB 3 accessibility guidelines.
  2. DZB is creating a network with German publishers in order to encourage and train them in the field of accessibility.
  3. A barrier-free reading platform will be developed for the users.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Khalisch
Thomas Kahlisch is Director of DZB Leipzig, the German board member of the DAISY consortium and an honorary professor at Leipzig University in the field of accessibility. DZB is a big Accessibility Reading Center in Leipzig and a member of MEDIBUS, the German Association of Libraries for blind and visually impaired persons.