Accessible images

Since the arrival of the written word, we have been describing images using text. Over recent years, we have started sharing information increasingly in the form of images. In everyday life, both online and offline. This track looks at the different ways possible for making visual information accessible to people with visual impairment. How do you describe a video? Which measures can an organisation adopt? How do you recognise an image? How do you describe an image to someone who has never seen it? And how can technology help us? This track includes creative ways to tickle all your senses!
Moderator: Björn Westling, secretary of the Swedish Braille Authority.
  • Brad Turner (Benetech): image description
  • Marleen Hartjes (Van Abbe Museum): a multi-sensory museum experience - co-creating with blind audience
  • Eveline Ferwerda (Earcatch): picture this - online audio description